Per page head

Ever got really annoyed how much effort it took to add <style> tags for just one page into the <head> section of a page, using WordPress? Well, I did. So I made this plugin for exactly that purpose. It just adds whatever you give it to the <head> tag. With a minimalistic design and no use of any client side code, efficiency is taken care of. You can also use it to add <meta> tags, for SEO, auto-refresh, Google Analytics, or anything else you want to put in there.

Offcourse, you can also use it to add your own stylesheets and JavaScript files. Anything that normally goes in the head section is fine.

Add to head also features an option under settings to add some text inside <head> on every page. Ideal for favicons, Modern UI start screen icons, or style sheets if you’re too lazy to make a child theme. The favicon on this site is added that way.

Just install the plugin, activate it, make sure it is showing in your post editor by clicking screen options and checking add to head while editing a page, and add stuff!

Included in the plugin are a Spanish translation by Andrew Kurtis from WebHostingHub, and a Dutch translation. If your WordPress installation is configured to use one of these languages, so will the plugin.

Download the plugin here from the plugin repository.

NOTE: By adding stuff that shouldn’t be in your <head> tags, it’s really easy to invalidate a valid HTML page. SO DON’T!

Oh, and take into account: if you use this in a post, it will ONLY show up if you visit that exact post. It won’t effect pages listing posts. If you only want to effect a certain posts style on collection pages and the post itself, you should research the scoped attribute of the style tag (HTML5 only, not widely supported by browsers unfortunately), and put the <style scoped> tag in the body of your post.

If you wish to translate this plugin, the .pot file is included in the download. You can contact me if you want to include your translation in this plugin, or if you notice errors in translation.